Dungeon Stats


WASD to navigate the map
Mouse Wheel Scroll to Zoom
M to toggle sound.
Click on a room for actions.


Code by @Cosrnosand @DecayConstant
Art by Miro.
Made with LynxJS

Other Assets: BGM, Dungeon Tile, Mage & Warrior

Sample Message

This is a sample message to be used for testing and styling purposes only. Please remove once finished. Lots and lots of sample text is required for this mission, which is why I'm going to attempt to continue writing text until I run out of things to say. I saw a bird once. I said to him "Bird, do you ever get lonely?" Do you know what he said back? Nothing. That was the day I learned birds do not understand english. Fucking nickelodian lied to me with that wild thornberrys show.

Anyway, here's wonderwall.